FROM FOLLY is the amazing true story of a 21 year-old college student's survival in the ocean following a failed suicide attempt. Matthew's plan was to swim out as far as he could into the Atlantic Ocean so that even if he wanted to turn back at the last minute, it would be too late. Yet when the time came to drown himself, he recognized something that would change him forever. At the brink of death, he finally saw the value of life.
I AM A LATE NIGHT UBER DRIVER. Well, actually I'm a stay-at-home dad trying to earn a few extra bucks on the weekends. Driving the night shift in a college town, I was originally enticed by the surge fares and 2 a.m. bar rush, but I soon discovered something far more valuable than an extra boost of income. I found that the young people I drive around need more than just a safe ride home-they need to know that there is still hope in this crazy world.
AMERICA STREET is the story of one man's intersection with race in the Deep South and how it changed him forever. The masterful blend of personal memoir and black history makes this book difficult to put down and even harder to forget once you do.